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Lets Finance specialise in finding loans for building new homes, but making sure that you're comfortable for life is the real goal. We think long term. We find you the right loan for right now and continue to search for ways that we can help you achieve your goals.

Our Financial Planning services cater to a range of financial needs, from those trying to get on top of debt, to those looking to shape their wealth via investment. 

Our Financial Adviser can assist with:

  • Superannuation Management
  • Wealth Creation
  • First Home Buyer Finance & Savings Plans
  • Activating Equity
  • Investment Finance
  • Budgeting & Debt Management 
  • Property Appraisals 

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Interest rates on the way up and how to fight back

Interest rates on the way up and how to fight back

Over the last few weeks the Big 4 have raised their variable Interest rates for some of their home loans.

So, average standard variable rates, of the Big 4, for owner occupiers who pay principal and interest are lying around 5.25% and if you pay interest only this might be 0.2% higher.

What does this mean for you?

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