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The Finance Health Check provides our specialists with a starting point for finding you the right loan. Alternatively, we can check if your current loan is the most suitable or if there are better options available. 

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Lets Finance will make financing your home easy and hassle free, ensuring the experience is a happy one.

Whilst being construction finance specialists, Lets Finance is an authorised credit representative of Vow Financial. As a member of Vow Financial, Lets Finance has access to hundreds of financial products and the ability to offer better suited products.

Important Note

A Privacy Clause and Authorisation must be signed by all applicants prior to a VEDA reference check being undertaken. All information must be provided in order to obtain an accurate VEDA reference.

Privacy clause to undertake a credit report

Authority for an agent to obtain an individual's credit information held by a credit reporting agency (Privacy Act 1988)

Authorise Lets Finance to:
  • Act as my/our agent in seeking access to my/our consumer credit information file held by a credit reporting agency.
This authority only applies to enquiries made by Lets Finance in connection with:
  • An application, or proposed application, by me/us for credit
  • My/our having sought advice in relation to existing credit.