Deposits and Savings Explained.

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Keep on squirreling that money away and your new home will be closer than you realise. 

Your savings history is important because it proves to a lender (or bank) that you will be able to repay your home loan. A deposit can consist of genuine savings or non-genuine savings, which can also include gifted money. 

Lenders have different rules regarding deposit requirements. A minimum of at least 1% to 5% is usually required in order to obtain a home loan, however deposit amounts can vary between lenders. 

Genuine Savings is money that you have saved, that has not been altered for a period of at least 3 months. These savings are normally regular monetary deposits rather than just a lump sum of money.

In order to prove that you can maintain a consistent savings pattern, genuine savings need to be:
         -   In your account
         -   Under your own name
         -   Untouched for at least 3 months, and
         -   Saved in regular instalments. 

E.g. $150 per week /or $300 per fortnight although this amount will vary, depending on what you are able to save. You may choose to open a separate savings account with a higher interest rate so that your savings work harder for you and you're not tempted to withdraw any money from this account. 

Non-Genuine Savings still need to be in your own account but these savings can include things such as:
          -  Your tax return
          -  An inheritance
          -  Money from the sale of an asset (e.g. car, motorbike), or
          -  Funds that have been given to you by a loved one.

There are other ways of proving that you are able to save, your land deposit or rental payment history can also assist. It’s best to speak with a Home Loan Specialist with regard to these items so that your individual circumstances can be assessed. 

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